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We’re continually amazed by the skill, dedication, drive and attention to the finest detail shown by our exceptional team members.

We’re best known for our incomparable and uncompromising ability to accurately and faithfully port titles across multiple platforms. We also work more quietly as programming, development support and project management partners with many of our clients.

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  • Linux
  • Nintendo 3Ds
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Platform Porting

Abstraction Games is trusted by many of the most respected software houses to port their big name titles across any combination of 20+ gaming platforms. Our recognised dedication to quality control, pixel perfection and faithful game play accuracy has enabled deep relationships with existing clients and won us a number of referrals to other major players.

Programming and Co-Development

Sometimes a project is just too large or complicated for other games developers to keep entirely in-house. Abstraction Games can help other software houses spread the load by taking on some or all of the programming work. Even better, we can also act as a technical partner, working closely with other teams as co-developers to successfully realise any given project.

Technical Management and Consultancy

Our consultancy service offers the benefit of our huge experience and provides access to our expert team of Programmers, Designers and Quality Control Team. We’ll advise and assist every step of the way to ensure your end product is the highest possible standard. We'll overcome any technical or design challenges without you needing to know or worry about it.

Our Partners

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